TekStop Computer Repair offers tips for choosing a computer repair service for your Prescott business

Where do you go when your computer breaks down? Do you search Google or YouTube? Sift through undecipherable tech forums? Call customer support at 1-800-onhold4evr? Have you considered calling a local professional to diagnose and repair the problem? TekStop Computer Repair offers Prescott business owners some tips for finding the best computer service experts for you.

Read Reviews
Search Yelp, Google and your local BBB to find out what others are saying. On Google and Yelp, while you’re reading about one company, you’ll find the reviews and ratings of other similar companies nearby. Check their ratings, too. Friends, family and coworkers are also a good source of reviews. Word-of-mouth has never gone out of style and remains one of the best and most reliable sources of information.

Are they mobile?
It’s much easier for a computer tech to come to your office or home to diagnose and repair the problem than it is for a business owner to break down a desktop and peripherals and lug them to an off-site tech repair company – and then do the same to get it back to the office.

As with any purchase, it usually pays to comparison shop. Reconsider any computer repair service that wants money up front. If a company charges by the hour don’t agree to their service without a maximum estimate of the time they expect it will take to diagnose and repair your equipment. Many computer repair businesses charge by the job (i.e., installing/upgrading software, replacing power supplies, adding RAM, etc.) and they usually charge fixed rates for common repairs plus parts.

Service Guarantee
Ask if they have a ‘no fee for no fix’ policy meaning if they can’t fix the problem they won’t charge you. Reputable techs will let you know if you’d be better off replacing your computer rather than repairing your old broken one. Also, ask your tech if they warranty their parts and labor and for how long.

To get your Prescott business back online as fast as possible call the best in computer repair services by calling the experts at TekSTop Computer Repair at 928-583-4454.

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