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Data backup is essential for ensuring that important data isn’t lost if your computer dies. Important data stored on your dvice could be lost if not properly backed up. That includes desktops, laptops, cell phones, and tablets. Any device that stores data needs to be protected.

But, many people aren’t sure if their backup solution is enough. At TekStop, we offer several options to help you keep your important data safe. Whether you use the cloud, a local backup, or a combination of the two – we have you covered. Continue reading to learn about the different types of data backup and which one might be best for you.

Cloud Data Backup

We typically recommend a cloud data backup solution, such as Carbonite, to keep your important information safe. Precious memories, financial data, and more could be lost if a disaster occurs. House fires, critical hardware failure, and other disasters like this are a threat to your valuable data. Don’t risk losing the information stored on your computer!

The reason cloud backup is our recommended method is simple – using the cloud ensures that the original copy and the backup are in two completely separate places. Without using the cloud, this can be a difficult thing to accomplish.

Is it impossible to keep your data safe without the cloud? The short answer is “No.” However, using the cloud for your data backup solution is a convenient way to make sure your data is always backed up. By backing up to an online service, you can rest assured that your data is safe in almost any circumstance.

A few other examples of cloud backup solutions include:

  • Apple iCloud
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Google Drive

Check out our guide about Apple iCloud here.

Carbonite cloud data backup is an excellent option for backing up your home computer.

About Carbonite Safe Cloud Backup

We typically recommend Carbonite SAFE Basic when it comes to cloud data backup. This subscription service covers your computer and all the files stored on it. If a data emergency occurs, you can recover the lost data from your Carbonite account and be back up and running in no time.

Carbonite SAFE Basic includes the following important features;

  • Automatic data back up as often as every hour
  • Status icons on individual files and folders so you know it’s working at a glance
  • Unlimited cloud storage for 1 computer. Never worry about running out of space for your backups.

Local Backup Solutions

If you’re wary of using the cloud to store your important data, you might want to consider local data backup instead. “Local” refers to backing up to a device that is physically near you – instead of transferring your information across the internet to an online service. Examples of a local backup are an external hard drive, CDs, or DVDs.

There are two components involved with a local data backup solution. The first piece of the puzzle is a storage device. Years ago, it was common to use CDs or DVDs to save your data. However, nowadays it’s much simpler to use a NAS (network attached storage) or external hard drive.

Second, you will need some sort of software to perform the data backup. Of course, you can always manually copy files to your backup device – but that usually isn’t a practical way to ensure a complete backup. Backup software makes it easy to schedule automatic backups at a time that’s convenient for you. Additionally, some backup software will warn you if it hasn’t completed running in a while.


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