TekStop Computer Repair offers network design and installation for your Prescott business

If your business has multiple computers, then it’s important to know that network design and network installation can play a critical role in the overall functioning of your business. TekStop Computer Repair wants Prescott business owners to consider the impact that a well-designed network can have on productivity and the adverse effects that a poorly-designed network can have.

From servers to workstations including all of the components in between like routers, switches, cables, and more, everything needs to work individually and corporately for optimum performance.

In order to ensure your business has its computer needs met, a site-survey is a must. A site-survey will produce an understanding of your business, your goals and your needs as well as examine the current demand being placed on your desktops, laptops, ports, jacks, software, bandwidth, sharing capability and security. Only after a site-survey and design has been completed can a network installation take place.

Networking design begins with understanding your business’ short and long-term plans to determine the number and type of computers, servers and peripherals needed to accomplish your goals. A network designed, configured and installed to support your business plan and budget can produce a pronounced improvement on your businesses efficiency, productivity and bottom line.

TekStop Computer Repair can provide your business with:

Your computer network is the backbone of your business and needs to be secure, reliable and manageable. No matter the size of your business, network design and configuration services from TekStop Computer Repair can help ensure the network in your Prescott business is sufficient to accomplish your tasks and is built to be scalable. If you are not sure what networking needs you have or if you’d like an evaluation of your current setup, call us today at 928-583-4454.

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