I.T. Services and Tech Support for all the technology in your life

On-Site and Remote I.T. Services

TekStop offers flexible I.T. services to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Technology is a big piece of what we do every day. That’s why we want you to relax and know we have your back. We’ll have you running smoothly in no time.

On-Site I.T. services mean you don’t have to worry about hauling your system into a computer repair shop. Instead, we come to you at a time that’s convenient. We can also provide support for other technology in your home, such as connected devices, smart phones, tablets, wifi, and much more.

Want an even more convenient option? We have remote support too! As long as your computer powers on and connects to the internet, our remote support technicians can help you out.

Recommendations for Your Home Technology

At TekStop, we don’t simply fix the problem and walk away, leaving you at risk of future problems. Instead, we have curated a comprehensive set of I.T. service solutions to help your technology stay up and running after we’re gone. Computer repair has never been easier!

We offer tech support for many types of home devices. These include computer service and upgrades, wifi and other computer network troubleshooting, installation and setup of new I.T. equipment, and more. When working with us, you’ll feel at ease knowing your technology is in the right hands.

Your Best Choice for I.T. Services

I.T. Services Delivered by Courteous Professionals

I.T. Services Delivered by Courteous Professionals

Are you tired of unreliable service? What about companies that won’t return your call? That’s not us! TekStop maintains the highest standards for customer service, professionalism, and integrity. We want your I.T. service experience to be 5-star every single time.

We continue toward this goal by creating internal policies and procedures to ensure you get the same, high-quality level of service every time. No matter which I.T. technician helps you out, we want you to end up with a smile on your face. I.T. services should be refreshing – and at TekStop that’s exactly what you’ll experience!

What to expect from TekStop

At TekStop, our number one priority is delivering an excellent customer service experience. We understand that technology can be frustrating, and you probably don’t want to hear us “speak geek”. You’ll be refreshed by our friendly, professional demeanor. Our techs strive to understand what’s most important to you – and we focus on that.

Want to know more about how your computer works and how we fixed it? We’re happy to explain! Just want it fixed and don’t want to be bothered with the details? We can do that too. That’s why our clients prefer TekStop for their I.T. services.

Premium I.T. Solutions

During your premium experience with TekStop, you’ll notice a few other things that make us different. For starters, we don’t wear polos! Instead, our uniform is comprised of our trademark necktie, tied with an Eldredge knot, dress shoes and pants, and a button-down shirt. We want you to relax, knowing your technology is in the hands of real I.T. services professionals. We take pride in taking care of your digital well-being and don’t take the responsibility lightly.

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Our business services division is now Sentry CTO! At Sentry CTO, we offer a comprehensive set of services to take care of all your business I.T. needs. Our cybersecurity-first approach uniquely protects your organization better than traditional I.T. service providers.


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