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Computer Repair Versus Replace

How do I know? TekStop in Prescott Discusses the Options To get the most out of your investment, you certainly want to stretch your computer’s life out as long as possible. But no computer lasts forever. TekStop in Prescott weighs in on computer repair versus replacement. Here are a couple of things to consider:

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Error logs explained

If you have used computers for any length of time, you have likely seen an error log pop up. It sometimes happens when your system or an application shuts off improperly. TekStop Computer Repair offers an explanation for error logs on your Prescott computer system. One of the first steps TekStop Computer Repair takes

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An overview for home computer users and businesses about Windows 7 End of Life

Nothing lasts forever, and computer operating systems are no exception to the rule. Every Windows operating system has a beginning and an end date when the product is no longer supported by Microsoft. TekStop Computer Repair offers an overview of the Windows 7 End of Life for businesses and home computer users in Prescott.

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TekStop Computer Repair describes qualities of a support technician in Prescott

The responsibilities of an IT technician require an individual to perform a variety of tasks. Updating or installing computer software, fixing printers, building and maintaining systems and networks are all part of the IT toolbox. However, excellent tech supportdepends on more than performing individual tasks. TekStop Computer Repair knows what it takes to provide

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TekStop Computer Repair offers tips for choosing a computer repair service for your Prescott business

Where do you go when your computer breaks down? Do you search Google or YouTube? Sift through undecipherable tech forums? Call customer support at 1-800-onhold4evr? Have you considered calling a local professional to diagnose and repair the problem? TekStop Computer Repair offers Prescott business owners some tips for finding the best computer service experts

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TekStop Computer Repair: When to repair or replace the computer at your Prescott business

Should I repair or replace my failing computer? TekStop Computer Repair offers these guidelines to help Prescott business owners know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em…to paraphrase the gambler. A computer will not last forever. But in the meantime it’s not unreasonable to try to get the most out of

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