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Is your computer running slow or showing error messages? Do you wish your computer ran like it was brand new again? We can help! Computer tune ups can find and repair problems causing poor system performance. Allow us to inspect your system and get it running smoothly.

Why Your Computer Runs Slowly

You might wonder why your computer is suddenly running slowly. When it was brand new, it ran like a champ! But now you’ve noticed that it’s running slowly. You may wonder if it’s wearing out from old age. Or perhaps it’s loaded down with viruses. Well, the answer is a mix of all those things. There are several reasons your computer might be running slower than it used to and a computer tune up may be the solution.

First, we want to clear up the confusion about computers “wearing out”. As computers age, it’s a common myth that they begin breaking down and that’s why the run slower over time. However, it’s much simpler. As time goes on, computers get more and more powerful. Software and updates that come out are created with the newer, faster computers in mind. That means that over time, with updates and new software, your old computer won’t run as well. Simple as that!

Aside from that, a computer tune-up can do a lot of good to help your computer run its best. Removing malware, performing updates, or even upgrading some hardware can make a big difference. A computer that is only 2-3 years old can have new life breathed into it with a few simple steps.

What’s Included in a Tune Up?

During our computer tune-up visit, we will take care of several maintenance tasks to ensure your computer is running optimally. We check several key components to speed up your computer. This includes performing Windows or Mac operating system updates, removing viruses and other malicious software, and inspecting your computer’s error logs for signs of critical problems.

While we perform your computer tune-up, we will make recommendations to help keep your computer healthy and prevent future problems. These recommendations may include the installation of antivirus software, backing up critical data, or performing a hardware upgrade. A common upgrade that can drastically improve your computers speed is a solid state drive install. Depending on the age of your computer, we may also recommend replacing it with a new computer.

How to Perform a Computer Tune-Up

Want to try performing a computer tune-up yourself? Here’s an easy-to-follow guide to speed up a slow computer!

Here are a few additional tips for speeding up a slow computer. Unlike the old days, we recommend avoiding certain tools.

Do not use:

  • Registry Cleaners
  • 3rd Party Cleanup Tools
  • Driver Update Applications

Read our full guide about computer cleanup software and why you should avoid it.

Many of these tools that claim to improve system performance actually do the opposite. Worse yet, you may be installing a virus! If that happens, you may need to have TekStop perform a full-blown virus removal. If in doubt about any steps or applications, give us a call. We’ll quickly let you know if you’re on the right path or if we suggest avoiding a particular program.


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