Computer Networking

Computer networking services help keep you connected with your friends, family, and entertainment. As the backbone of technology today, we understand the need to keep your network running optimally. TekStop offers design, installation, and repair services for your wired and wireless network.

Say goodbye to buffering and random network outages. TekStop’s professional network design, installation, troubleshooting and repair services will keep your network running smoothly.

What is Computer Networking?

Computer networking is something you use every single day. The simplest definition is that it is the technology used to connect multiple digital devices to one another. This could be anything from connecting your TV to your favorite streaming service or using WiFi to get online. Without networking, most of what we do on our devices wouldn’t work.

A network involves a few pieces of equipment to function properly. There are a lot of moving pieces and some of the details vary from setup to setup. However, there are some common aspects of all computer networks that we’ll discuss in this article.

First, you need a way to connect to your internet provider’s service. If you have cable internet, you will use a cable modem. A modem translates the analog signal from your ISP into a digital signal your devices can understand. Next, you will need a router to help your devices at home communicate with the internet. Lastly, you will need a wireless access point if you intend to connect anything wirelessly. Sometimes two or more of these devices are combined into a single piece of equipment.

WiFi Setup, Troubleshooting, and Repair Services

It can be so frustrating when you’re in the middle of family movie night and suddenly the movie stops! Sure enough, your wifi has gone down again. Time to reboot the modem again. If this scenario sounds familiar, then it’s time to call TekStop and have your wifi fixed! (Don’t forget to check out our 5 quick fixes for wifi problems.)

It might seem like WiFi is a simple thing to configure. But there are a lot of details that aren’t included in most setup instructions. The way it’s configured can make a big difference in how your wifi performs. (Check out our guide for setting up your wifi router.)

Computer Networking Design

Every client’s network and technology needs are different. In order to have a reliable, efficient network, it’s important to have a design specially crafted to meet your unique needs. TekStop provides consulting services to evaluate your existing technology and determine the best solution for your computer network.

In some ways, computer networking is a simple task. Simply plug in a modem, router, wifi access points, and you’re good to go. You can probably get online. But is the setup working as well as it should? And what about security? Both of these usually require professional experience and training to get right.

That’s why a good computer networking design is so important. A lot of factors are taken into consideration when designing a computer network. Factors include your internet speed, number of devices, and types of activities you will be performing. All of these factors can have an impact on the equipment that will be optimal for your configuration.

Network Installation and Repair

Whether you need new networking equipment or need issues with your current equipment resolved, TekStop can help. We provide support and services for all the following, and more;

  • Modem, Router, and Other Network Hardware
  • WiFi Access Points, Mesh Networks, and More
  • Network Design and Consulting
  • Enterprise and Residential Networking Equipment

If you need network or other tech support services, call TekStop today! As your local I.T. service provider, we’re happy to customize a solution for you.


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