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Your computer network is the backbone of connecting multiple devices together. This includes connecting your devices to the internet or each other. That’s why a good network design is crucial for having a good computing experience. At TekStop, we take pride in providing end-to-end solutions to meet your unique needs. We perform network design and implementation to make sure your computer network will run smoothly.

A poorly designed network can cause a lot of headaches. It can cost your business money in decreased productivity and repair fees. You may experience problems like slow internet connections or losing wifi connections. Your computer network is used for many aspects of computing, some of which you may not realize. For instance, you rely on your computer network if you print wirelessly or share files from one computer to another.

In many cases, you also rely on your computer network for telephone service. VoIP telephone systems, common in businesses, rely on the internet to connect and transmit voice data. A poor network design may lead to bad call quality or even dropped calls.

Don’t put up with a subpar network. You can avoid problems like a slow internet connection, slow or inconsistent wifi, unreliable VoIP phone calls, and other network related problems. Just give us a call to schedule a consultation.

Consulting Phase

A good network design starts with a consultation. A TekStop technology expert will inspect the installation site and evaluate your needs. We will make note of any existing equipment and problems you may be experiencing with your current setup. We will identify how many devices will be connecting, if they will be hardwired or wireless, and if you have any special configuration requirements.

During the consultation, we will confirm that all prerequisites are met for us to install our networking equipment. Common requirements are network cabling and a location to install the network equipment, such as a network rack.

For smaller projects, TekStop can perform the prerequisite work. For larger jobs, we partner with trusted local, registered low-voltage contractors. No matter the job, we want our clients to have a premium experience with our staff and any partners with whom we work.

Network Design Phase

Once we have performed an on-site inspection and consultation, we move on to the design phase. The complexity of a network design can vary greatly. A simple “flat” network may only need a single piece of equipment and a basic configuration, while more complex business networks may require many pieces of hardware and a relatively in-depth configuration.

We take into consideration your individual requirements and requests. Additionally, we consider the best way to keep your computer network secure. With the many types of cyber security threats out there, we want to do our best to minimize threats to your computer network.

Once a network design has been established, we can get your approval and proceed to the implementation phase. Then you will see all of the hard work come together to provide the backbone of your computing.

We will order all required equipment and schedule installation.

Data Networking Job in Prescott

Implementation Phase

Just like the rest of the process, implementation of your new network can come in many forms. Typically, however, implementation spans less than one day.

For less complex home networks, we may be able to complete the entire process during the first visit. Other network designs require a bit more planning and may take longer to complete installation.

We will work with you to make sure implementation is as unobtrusive as possible. We understand that you need to continue working during a network upgrade, so our technicians will complete work that requires downtime as quickly as possible.

Network Design Post-Installation

After the network install has been completed, we will evaluate the results to ensure all of our goals have been met. It is important to us that the end result meets and exceeds your expectations.

If any tweaks need to be made, we will do so at this time. Wireless networks often require fine tuning to make sure they will perform their best. Once all of the needed adjustments have been made, the network design implementation is complete.

Are you in need of a new network design? Are you having problems with an old network that isn’t meeting your needs? Or perhaps you have a new construction project and want to make sure your computer network works smoothly from the start. No matter what the case may be, TekStop would be happy to create a network design specific to your needs. Call today to schedule your consultation!

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