Cybersecurity experts say this one trick is a must to protect your business.

Are you sick of hearing about the threat of cyber attacks? So are we – but we can’t ignore this real threat facing us every day. Cyber criminals are increasing their efforts every year. They are deploying new, clever tricks to steal our data and profit off of our losses. But there’s one trick that can greatly protect your business.

What’s the most important piece in protecting your business?

There’s one trick to protect your business that makes a huge difference in the security of your business. It’s so important, that nearly every article about cybersecurity recommends you do it. There are a lot of pieces to cybersecurity – from antivirus, firewalls, content filtering, and spam filtering, to data backup, multi-factor authentication, and more! So what one thing is more important than all of those?

Cybersecurity is a broad topic that refers to the overall security of your technology. All of the pieces we mentioned above are important. But what is the glue that holds it all together? We’ll discuss one trick in protecting your business that can’t be ignored!

Many Safety Measures Keep Us Safe

Think about the safety measures we all take when driving our car. Some of these things are steps we have to take ourselves, like putting on a seatbelt or performing vehicle maintenance. Other safety measures are automatic, like airbags, collision detection systems, and anti-lock braking systems. But there’s one more piece that is possibly the most important – safe driving habits.

Without safe driving habits, all of the other safety measures are limited in their effectiveness. If you drive into a brick wall at full speed, the airbags and other safety measures can only do so much to protect your wellbeing. If you fail to use your blinker or cut off another driver, you are likely to still get hurt – or worse yet, you may injure another person!

This illustration of vehicle safety perfectly parallels cybersecurity. You can have all the safety measures in place. But, if no one practices good cyber hygiene, your business is at risk! Let’s discuss one of the most important tricks in protecting your business.

One Trick to Greatly Increase Your Safety

Just like in a vehicle, every cyber safety measure is important. But the glue that holds it all together is cybersecurity awareness training. Every employee, including yourself, is a valuable part of your cybersecurity strategy. Properly training everyone regularly drastically decreases the chance that you will fall victim to an attack. If you still suffer a breach, the other security measures you have in place can reduce the damage done by the attack.

Everyone can fall victim to a scam or other type of cyber attack. Keeping cybersecurity top of mind and actively training employees how to spot a potential attack is essential. Train your employees how to spot phishing emails or strange activity on your systems. Teach them what to do when they spot something suspicious. And make sure this is enforced regularly. We recommend implementing an annual training program along with smaller training sessions throughout the year for every employee.

Put on your cyber seatbelt, make sure your cyber airbags are working, and practice good cyber hygiene! This one trick will protect your business and keep your doors open.

Last Updated: August 5th, 2022Categories: Cybersecurity
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