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Are you ready for next year’s business? Top 5 ways to prepare your business

The holidays are a busy time of year. Your employees are taking vacation, you're getting ready to wrap up your books, and so much more! But this is also a great time to prepare for the next year in business. With proper planning, you can be ready to face the new year with confidence. Try

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What is whaling in cyber security?

Whaling is an old-fashioned term used in cybersecurity. Whaling is an old-fashioned term used in cybersecurity. It refers to a type of phishing attack that targets high-level executives and other high-profile individuals. The goal is obtaining sensitive information or assets. Whaling differs from other types of phishing (or spear phishing) because it can be extremely

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Need more reliable IT services for your business?

Finding a reliable IT service provider can be difficult. One of the biggest problems that businesses face is how to spend their valuable resources effectively. Every decision you make has to be made to protect your bottom line. When choosing to keep IT in-house, it's no different. Not only do you have to worry about

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Do you really need cyber liability insurance?

Introduction It's not the most exciting topic, but cyber insurance can be a crucial aspect of keeping your business safe. In this post, we'll explain what cyber liability insurance is, why it matters, who needs to have it, and what it covers. By the end of this article, you'll know if you need cyber liability

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When is the last time you performed a risk assessment on your business?

Introduction A risk assessment is the process of identifying, analyzing and assessing potential risks that a given business may face in the future. It is a critical part of running any type of company, and there are two main reasons why. Firstly, a risk assessment ensures that an organization complies with information security guidelines. Secondly,

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4 cyber security practices you need to implement today

Cyber security is a hot topic in the news, but most of us know very little about practicing good cyber hygiene. The number of cyber-attacks on businesses is increasing all the time, which means that you need to be aware of the threat and how to prevent it. Don’t get caught out by the hackers!

What makes a good managed services provider?

24/7 monitoring from your managed services provider When it comes to managed services providers (MSPs), you need them to be on top of things 24/7. If your MSP is only monitoring activity during regular business hours, then they're leaving you exposed when you're most vulnerable—at night and on weekends. They should be keeping a close

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What is Organizational Agility?

Developing organizational agility is important in a business of any size. The future can be hard to predict. Just think about everything that has happened around the world in the past two years. From COVID-19 to supply chain problems and war, no one could have predicted these events to properly prepare. These unexpected challenges make

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Free email for business – is it safe?

What is free email, and does it have drawbacks? Free email for your small business does what it says on the tin: it's email, and it's free. But that comes with a largely hidden set of problems which can affect your business in ways you might not have expected. Let's be honest: we all love

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