What is Wave Browser and should you remove it?

Wave Browser is promoted as a customizable and secure web browser. We have seen a sudden uptick in installations lately, but is it a good idea to install this browser? Read on to learn why we believe you should avoid installing this new browser.

Wave Browser is being distributed with malware

Just like we’ve seen with other browsers like Chromium, Wave Browser is being distributed alongside malware applications. This poses a serious risk to your system and may even contribute to theft of your personal data. There are pros and cons to every web browser. But it’s best to stick with reputable browsers like Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or a few others. Wave Browser is from unknown origins and may contain malicious code that is yet to be discovered.

How to uninstall Wave Browser

Unfortunately, this browser doesn’t uninstall like normal applications. This application has roots that dig deep into your operating system. That’s why many antimalware solutions block it from installing in the first place.

Tech News Today wrote an excellent article on steps to completely uninstall Wave Browser. However, because of the steps involved, we recommend hiring a professional computer repair technician to remove it if it’s installed on your system.

Avoid unreputable software

Cyber attacks are way up and a common way hackers get into your system is with software like Wave Browser. Although it may seem like an innocent piece of software, bad actors cleverly use software to gain a foothold in your computer. Once their software is installed, they may gain access to private information and exploit it. That’s why it’s so important to use several layers of security on your computer to stop malicious software in its tracks.


If you think Wave Browser or other malicious software may be installed on your computer, it’s time to contact a professional IT services company like TekStop to clean your computer of viruses and other malware. We will scan your system with a comprehensive set of tools. Then, we will irradicate software that may be accessing your data without your permission.

Last Updated: May 22nd, 2023Categories: Computer Repair and I.T. Services, Cybersecurity, Malware
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