What is iCloud? TekStop I.T. Services Talks About “The Cloud”

iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage product. It allows you to store data online such as photos, passwords, documents, and more. If you own an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you most likely already have an account. It comes free with your Apple ID.

Where is my data?

As we discussed previously, the “cloud” refers to computer services residing on someone else’s computer, such as in a data center. Apple’s cloud is no different. When you save information to iCloud, a copy is saved to Apple’s servers and protected with your Apple ID username and password.

How do I use iCloud?

If you own an Apple device, getting started with the cloud is easy. Follow these guidelines to make sure the selected data is saved to iCloud from your device.

iPad or iPhone

  • Navigate to your Settings app
  • Select your name
  • Select iCloud
  • Toggle apps on or off to save data to the cloud


  • Open the Apple menu
  • Click System Preferences
  • Select Apple ID
  • Click iCloud
  • Use the check boxes to select the data you want saved on iCloud

Once you have enabled these settings, the selected data will be saved online. The data is also synchronized across your devices. For instance, if you selected “Photos”, you will be able to see your photos on all of the devices that are signed in with the same Apple ID.

Benefits of the Cloud

Apple makes it easy to take advantage of the cloud. Enabling iCloud on your devices means you can easily see your information on any of your devices.

Having a backup of your iPad or iPhone on the cloud also makes it easy to switch to a new phone or tablet. When you replace your old device with a new one, simply sign into your Apple ID and restore a backup from iCloud. Your settings and data will be brought to the new device, making setup a breeze!

Hopefully you benefited from this overview of iCloud. If you have questions about setting up or using the cloud, give TekStop a call or write a message. TekStop Computer Repair Near You would be happy to help!

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