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VoIP Telephone System for Business

OneStop Communications is the ideal VoIP telephone system for your small business in northern Arizona. Backed by your local IT specialists at TekStop, we will configure, deliver, and install your brand new phone system. Post-install support is included, too!

With OneStop Communications, you can maximize your inter-office and client communications. It’s also a great way to have access to your phone system inside and outside the office. Working remotely has never been so easy!

What can a VoIP Telephone System do for me?

Traditional analog phone systems are old news. They’re expensive, difficult to maintain, and often tied down to a physical location. A VoIP telephone system like OneStop Communications solves those problems. With OneStop Communications, the configuration is flexible and adjustments can be made at any time. Since we make the changes remotely, updates can be performed quickly as you need them.

Our phone service includes many enterprise level features. Some of the most exciting features are listed below – but OneStop Communications includes many other capabilities.

  • Saves You Money – You don’t have to pay for “lines” like a traditional analog phone system. Every plan includes unlimited local and long distance calling, too!
  • Auto-attendant to direct incoming calls to the right place. (e.g. Press 1 for sales, 2 for accounting, etc.)
  • Voicemail to email with transcriptions – Receive voicemails anywhere via an email. The voicemail recording is attached alongside a text transcription of the message.
  • Unlimited simultaneous inbound/outbound calls – Don’t worry about how many “lines” you have available. VoIP telephone systems take advantage of the internet to allow unlimited simultaneous calls.
  • Work from Home Made Easy – Remote workers can use a traditional desk phone or an app on their computer or cell phone from home. It functions just like they’re in the office!
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What is VoIP?

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a fancy way of describing voice communications that use the internet instead of traditional telephone lines. There are many examples of VoIP communications, such as Skype, wifi calling on your cell phone, and many modern business telephone systems. All VoIP systems rely on a well designed network in order to operate smoothly.

There are many systems that take advantage of this technology. Some applications allow you to call other users within the same application, while other systems, such as our business phones, allow you to call anyone with a phone number.

If you have access to a high-speed internet connection, making a switch to VoIP is the right move.

Will OneStop Communications work for my business?

We understand the importance of phones in your business. Our goal, as with all of our services, is to help you meet your business goals and keep technology problems out of your way. Because of this, we perform an in-depth network assessment prior to installation for every prospective OneStop Communications client.

It’s important to avoid installing a VoIP system without properly analyzing your network. Our assessment includes monitoring your network for 1 week to make sure it is ready for a VoIP telephone system. We want to make sure you have the proper backbone to support this critical piece of business infrastructure before implementing our communications platform.

If our assessment uncovers network instability that would make a VoIP system perform poorly, we will form a plan to correct the problems before proceeding. Once the problems have been fixed and a network assessment passes, we can move forward with your new VoIP telephone system.

Is VoIP Reliable?

The short answer is yes. But we take additional steps to increase the reliability of your phone system. As we discussed above, the first step is ensuring you have a reliable network to support VoIP communications. We also provide solutions, such as OneStop Network, to increase the reliability of your office network.

A big benefit of OneStop Communications is the flexibility. Unlike a traditional analog platform, our VoIP telephone system continues to operate even if the connection in your office goes down. If a disaster like that occurs, you can continue using your business phones through the mobile app or we can forward calls to another phone.

Your New VoIP Telephone System

Contact TekStop today to schedule a free business technology consultation. We will discuss your business goals and technology pain-points, then design a custom solution to meet your unique needs. We want to help you utilize technology to grow your business instead of causing more headaches.

Partner with TekStop and see how technology can be an asset in ways you may not have imagined. OneStop Communications is an easy way to upgrade your professionalism and efficiency in one swoop.

With the right combination of OneStop Managed Services, your phones will never be offline. Keep your business up and running, even in the most difficult circumstances.

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