What our customers say…

Niles and the TekStop staff are professional, helpful, and very knowledgeable at what they do! I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs tech solutions for their business or for their personal devices.

Anne Holdsworth, TekStop Client

TekStop has helped us not only on PC repair but the purchasing of our computer and printer. Niles and Chris are very professional and knowledgeable. _ Most importantly to us is their quick response to call.
I highly recommend the TekStop team for PC and related needs.

Helga Brandon, TekStop Client

The IT upgrade has worked well for our organization and knowing everything is being monitored and backed up is worth every penny. The remote IT support Niles offers is highly responsive and our issues are fixed with proficiency.

Nina Seim, TekStop Client

Niles is very knowledgeable in computer software and technology . He actively listened to us regarding some issues we had on our home computer. He explained everything clearly and offered viable and useful suggestions. Tek-Stop will be our first contact if we have any other questions or problems.

Dean Charlton, TekStop Client

The thing I like about TekStop is that they are proactive Tec partners, not just “come fix a problem” reactively. They are what all small businesses need to operate smoothly! Also if you need something as simple as setting up your new TV to be online, they are able to do that!

Ty Freedman, TekStop Client



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