Outlook Roaming Signatures and More! Top 5 features of the new Outlook

Outlook roaming signatures are finally here! But that’s not the only feature we absolutely love in the new Microsoft Outlook preview. Here are our top 5 favorite features included in the new Outlook. We can’t wait for you to try them out.

#5 – Calendar reminder emails

Have you ever scheduled an online meeting with someone, only to forget and double book yourself? You aren’t alone. Until now, we have had to rely on third party calendar apps like Calendly to send out automated reminders. Now Microsoft Outlook is including this function.

Although it is a bit limited, it’s a nice start. Once an appointment is setup, simply navigate to the reminders section and you’ll see a new option to “add email reminder”. You can configure it to be sent to yourself and any participants.

#4 – Pin emails in the new Microsoft Outlook

We have had the old school “flag” in Outlook for a long time. But, if you’re like us, you often lose track of the flagged emails. It’s easy for those emails to be lost in the bottomless pit known as your inbox!

The new Outlook has the solution, thanks to the ability to pin emails. Pinned emails will remain at the top of your inbox until they are unpinned. Don’t lose track of your to-dos ever again. Thanks, Microsoft!

#3 – Snooze emails

If you’re a Gmail user, you probably noticed that you have been able to snooze emails for a while now. Microsoft’s globally popular email application, Outlook, has been missing such a simple modern feature. But not anymore!

In the new Outlook, you can snooze important emails and get reminders at a later time. Between this feature and pinning emails, it’s going to be way harder to forget about those important emails.

#2 – Board view

The “board view” in Microsoft Outlook is a refreshing new way to view all of your pending tasks in one place. Outlook isn’t just for email anymore and Microsoft has noted ways they need to improve our workflows. That’s where the board view comes into play.

Now, on a single page you can keep track of to-dos, calendar appointments, emails, and more. Give it a try!

#1 – Roaming Signatures in Microsoft Outlook

And now for the big enchilada! A highly requested feature – signatures that sync between computers – is finally here. We couldn’t be more excited.

The lack of synchronized signatures has been a big annoyance for Outlook users over the past decade. Although it’s a small addition, we’re sure everyone is going to be glad about this new feature in Outlook. Now you’ll be able to switch computers without the pain of re-setting up your signatures.

The New Outlook Coming Soon

Currently, the new Outlook is in preview and available to Office Insiders. We can’t hear about how the new Outlook improves your workflow once you get to try it out. Did we miss something? Send us a message.

We can’t wait to help you repair your computer soon! Until then, stay tuned for more tech tips coming up.

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