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What is Wave Browser and should you remove it?

Wave Browser is promoted as a customizable and secure web browser. We have seen a sudden uptick in installations lately, but is it a good idea to install this browser? Read on to learn why we believe you should avoid installing this new browser. Wave Browser is being distributed with malware Just like we've seen

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Virus Removal Tutorial – How to remove computer viruses for FREE

Virus removal is a common service we perform due to the vast amount of viruses and other found malware online. This guide will help you remove computer viruses for free. Keep in mind that there are many types of viruses and malware and some infections require additional steps to fully remove the infection. If

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What is the best antivirus software? TekStop MSP talks about virus removal for your technology in Prescott, Arizona

What’s the best antivirus software? There are many antivirus programs available. So, this is a question we are often asked. Depending on the technician you ask, you may receive a large variety of answers. With time and experience, even our answer has changed. As of writing this article, we recommend Malwarebytes anti-malware. In our

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You should be aware of Mac malware

Have you been told that your Mac computer can’t get a virus? One of the most prevalent pieces of misinformation about Macs is that they cannot get infected. By the most technical definition of the word, this is true, however, that does not mean your desktop or laptop computer is impervious to malicious attacks.

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Firewalls and why you need them for your business’s computer system

If you are an internet user, especially in a corporate setting, you have probably heard the term “firewall.” The computers in large corporations generally can’t “go past the firewall” to access websites that are not work-related. TekStop Computer Repair discusses firewalls and why you need them for your Prescott business’s computer system. A firewall

TekStop Computer Repair, your virus removal expert in Prescott, talks about computer viruses

No one plans to get a computer virus, but sometimes we click on something or select a file to download that becomes our worst computer nightmare. TekStop Computer Repair, providing tech support and virus removal in Prescott, shares about computer viruses. Here are some ways to tell if your computer is infected: Counterfeit antivirus

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Computer Scams – What to look for and how to avoid

Computer scams are rampant today! Whether through internet ads or a direct phone call, these are things to look for and avoid. One day you turn on your computer and up pops this frightening message! It catches you off guard with various accusations of illegal activity. Next thing you know you have just given

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