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As the backbone of your I.T. infrastructure, a well oiled computer network is important to keeping your business operations flowing smoothly. At TekStop, we pride ourselves in implementing reliable network solutions to fit your needs.

First, we evaluate the size and needs of your business network. There are many factors involved in designing a computer network. We take into account the number of endpoints in your environment, remote access requirements, and amount of internet traffic on a daily basis. Once we fully understand your needs, we can begin designing a custom solution for your business.

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OneStop Network provides network equipment that is monitored, managed and maintained by your trusted I.T. professionals at TekStop. We are alerted if a problem is detected so that proactive action can be taken to keep your network running well. In the event that your primary internet provider goes offline, our equipment will automatically failover to a 4G cellular connection until the primary connection comes back online.

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