Function keys on your computer keyboard explained

If you’re like most people, you use the letter and number keys on your computer almost exclusively. So what are those F1 through F12 keys on the top row? TekStop Computer Repair explains the function of the Function keys on the computers at your home or business.

What are Function keys?
The F-keys on your computer keyboard have special functions as determined by the computer’s operating system or the application that you are using. They are often used with ALT or CTRL on PCs – or Command on Apple systems – which increases the number of different functions that each key can perform. The keyboards on laptops may have dedicated function keys for volume control and the brightness of the screen as indicated by an icon (picture) of the function they perform.

You may also see a “Fn” key on your keyboard, which is usually located on the bottom row near the space bar. On Apple computers, the Fn key may also be found at the top right of the keyboard.

What do they do?
Function keys have a default function, and may also have an alternate function. Many keys can perform secondary functions when used with the the Fn key. For example, F3 may increase the volume on your laptop, but when used with the Fn key, it opens a “find” window.

Computers can do many more operations than most of us even realize. Learning about the function keys to save valuable time is just a start. TekStop Computer Repair wants to help you get the most from your computer system. We handle all types of computer repairs and we can set up your devices, troubleshoot your network, and much more. If you are experiencing issues with the computers at your Prescott business, or for any other computer or network-related questions, call TekStop Computer Repair today at 928-583-4454.

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