5 Exciting Features of Windows 11

New Features Coming with Windows 11

Windows 11 is just around the corner, with an expected release date later this year. What can you expect from the latest version of Windows? In this article, we explore what we believe to be the most exciting new features coming with Windows 11. Let’s get started!

1. New Start Menu

The Start Menu has been a staple of Windows for a long time. With each new version of Windows, we have seen a reimagining of the Start Menu and how it can be used to maximize productivity at the office and home. Windows 11 is no different. The new start menu in Windows 11 is a big and exciting feature. But we think it’s going to be much more useful!

Windows 11 Start Menu

The new “recommended” section will make finding recent documents easier than ever before. With less clutter and bolder icons, we believe the new Start Menu is a welcome feature of Windows 11.

2. Improved Window Organization with Snap Layouts

Windows 10 brought with it some helpful new “snap” features, such as the ability to snap windows to corners of your screen. With Windows 11, Microsoft has made further improvements to organizing your windows with the Snap Layouts feature. Just hover your mouse pointer over the “maximize” icon and you’re greeted with several options for organizing the various applications that are open. This allows you an easy way to display multiple windows on your screen at once. We can’t wait to see the creative ways you multitask using this new feature!

Windows 11 Snap Function

Alongside the new Snap Layouts are Snap Groups. This will allow you to easily re-open a group of applications that have been covered by another application. Getting back to work after an interruption has never been easier.

3. All New Sound Effects Feature in Windows 11

Beeps, boops, dings, and more! Microsoft has created all new sound effects to usher in their latest edition of Windows. They have taken a great deal of care to use sound effects in creating a fresh new feel in Windows 11. Listen to the new sound effects in Windows 11 here. This ties into the next set of features in Windows 11.

4. Rounded Corners and New Animations

Windows has been given a facelift all around with Windows 11. From rounded corners on your windows to new animations and new icons, Microsoft has really outdone themselves. These changes make Windows 11 feel fresh and clean, while still being familiar to us. It is now a truly modern operating system. This is one of the new features we can’t wait for you to try out when Windows 11 releases later this year.

Windows 11 Round Corner New Icons

The new aesthetic coming with Windows 11 will make it easy to recognize when you’re using the new operating system. It has been a long time since Microsoft put this much effort into File Explorer. We think 2021 is a great time for this change.

5. An All New Settings App

Although the Settings app was a new addition in Windows 10, Microsoft took another leap forward with this new feature coming with Windows 11. Rather than a brand new app, the Settings app in Windows 11 feels more like a refined version of the previous edition. You may notice that it is organized very similarly to the settings on your phone or tablet.

Windows 11 Settings App

In the age of the internet and mobile devices, we believe Microsoft took the right step forward in this new design. As with Windows 10, you still have the ability to “search” for a setting if you aren’t quite sure where it’s located in the menu. It may take some getting used to, but it will serve us better in the long run.

To find out if your computer is ready for the upgrade to Windows 11, give us a call to schedule an on-site evaluation of your current system. We can identify upgrades that may be needed or even help you get into a new, blazing fast computer.

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