Have you been told that your Mac computer can’t get a virus? One of the most prevalent pieces of misinformation about Macs is that they cannot get infected. By the most technical definition of the word, this is true, however, that does not mean your desktop or laptop computer is impervious to malicious attacks. TekStop Computer Repair wants you to know about common Mac malware.


This particular piece of malware is designed to change your DNS settings (and make the change irreversible), and install a new trusted root certificate to the keychain. What does this mean for you? When you are browsing to a legitimate banking or e-commerce site, the hackers controlling this malware can redirect your computer to a phishing site that appears identical to the one you are attempting to visit. Your computer will not warn you of the potential threat, because it believes the website to be trusted.


The OSX.CreativeUpdate malware was first discovered when it infected a popular Mac-related website. It replaced many download links with malicious code. The code allows the hacker to use your Mac for mining a cryptocurrency known as Monero. The greatest impact of this type of malware is that is can significantly slow your computer’s performance, and it reduces your battery life. It can potentially do physical damage to your computer by causing it to overheat if your fans are not operating properly or the vents are clogged.

Many Mac users consider their computers to be impenetrable. Oftentimes this belief makes them more susceptible to attacks because they do not take the necessary steps to protect their systems. One of the easiest steps Prescott businesses and residents can take to prevent malware from infecting their computer is to use antivirus software such as Malwarebytes for Mac. If you have questions or concerns about malware on your Mac or PC, or for any other computer needs, contact TekStop Computer Repair at 928-583-4454.