Microsoft has publicly stated that it will end service for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. The upshot of this change is that healthcare organizations that rely on Windows 7 to run their businesses will need to migrate to Windows 10. This is required in order to maintain the security of the sensitive health care data they handle. TekStop Computer Repair explains Windows 7 end of life and HIPAA compliance for your medical practice.

Yes, it is official. 

Windows 10 HIPAA compliance will become more important than it has ever been, now that Microsoft has announced this major change.


Businesses that work in health care will no longer be able to configure Windows 7 to be HIPAA compliant. When the end-of-service date hits, Microsoft will no longer release security updates to Windows 7. What this means is that hackers can and will seize every opportunity to access sensitive health care data through any potential security vulnerabilities.

Here are some important considerations:

  • Failure to update your computer systems once Windows 7 is out of service means health care professionals run the risk of creating major compatibility issues, including data loss and very costly data breaches resulting from security vulnerabilities.
  • Certain technical issues need to be considered. For example, say you are a health care professional already working with an IT service or MSP. The first step should be to contact them. Develop a plan to update your systems to Windows 10. HIPAA compliance security requirements can be accomplished by your IT provider or MSP.
  • Is your Windows 10 HIPAA Compliant? Since you are moving away from Windows 7, it’s important that you configure your new Windows 10 rollout in a way in which the privacy and security of your data is maintained in compliance with all HIPAA regulations. Windows 10 HIPAA compliance is required in the operation of any healthcare organization.

Does this all sound complicated? It is! TekStop Computer Repair, on-site computer repair in Prescott, can help you through the entire process! Windows 7 end of life and HIPAA compliance is vitally important for your Prescott medical practice. We are experts in dealing with transitions and upgrades, and can make it easy for you! For help with migrating to Windows 10 and for all your computer needs, call us at 928-583-4454.