How organized are you? Your clothes closet may be arranged according to color, and the items in your pantry may be in alphabetical order. But how organized are you when you sit down in front of your computer? TekStop Computer Repair shares some tips on getting organized with Windows 10 at your Prescott business.

Windows 10’s start menu is at the bottom left (it looks like a window with four panes). When you click on it, you bring up a menu listing every application that’s downloaded on your computer.

Tired of hunting through the list for the programs you use regularly?

With Windows 10 you can right-click the icon and select “Pin to Start”. The icon will then appear at the bottom of your screen, saving you time and frustration. You can also unpin the application if it’s no longer needed.

Is your desktop cluttered with icons?

Clear up a messy desktop by pressing and holding (or right-clicking) on the desktop, selecting View, and then clicking to uncheck “Show desktop icons.” To see them again, select Show desktop icons.

Want to see multiple programs?

If you need to check your calendar while reading your emails, simply drag the email and “bump” it against the side of your screen. The other apps will minimize allowing you to view split screen or multiple screens.

Connect to other devices with OneDrive

One Drive is a cloud that allows you to connect and sync all your devices including laptops, tablets, and phones. You can access and edit files, and back up your valuable documents and photos.

Windows 10 has incorporated many features into their operating system to make your computer experience productive. At TekStop Computer Repair, we can help make your Prescott business productive by handing all types of computer issues including setting up, troubleshooting and maintaining networks, computers and more. For computer repairs or any other computer related needs for your Prescott business, call TekStop Computer Repair today at 928-583-4454.