How do you use your computer? Just for social media and entertainment, research, or work you do from home? Or are you a Prescott business owner? No matter what your computer needs are, a small problem can cause big problems, and fast. Don’t wait until there is irreparable harm before you call an expert. TekStoprecommends having an expert look at your computer as soon as a problem starts.

There are a few fundamental things that many computer users do that can result in monumental problems down the line. These same problems often show up at work because the people doing them at home might also be bringing their home-use habits to work with them.

  • Excessive use of scanners and cleaning programs
  • Ignoring error messages
  • Not deleting files and old programs
  • Not performing routine maintenance

Problems not corrected don’t go away.
Uncorrected problems will get worse until they eventually leave your computer unusable. And that now-needed trip to the local computer repair shop will probably be more expensive than it needed to be. Proper user habits and a routine visit from your local computer repair expert mean having a reliable computer and more money in your pocket.
Be ready to be specific

Computer users are not expected to understand, explain, and diagnose problems, but you do need to be able to explain as specifically as you can what problems you’re seeing when you use your computer. By being able to accurately convey specifics, you’ll find that you get your computer back faster and with a hopefully less expensive repair bill.

Be ready to imitate sounds and tell them when you hear them or how often.; for example, on startup or shutdown? Take pictures with your phone of any error messages or unexplained screens. Describe how long it takes to boot up. Are you getting pop-up messages? (Get your camera phone out again). Does your screen go completely black? When? How long does it last? The more you can describe about the problem, the better it will be on the repair side.

Not every problem means losing your computer for any length of time. Sometimes a quick call to describe the problem can be easily resolved.

Whether you’re an at-home user or a Prescott business owner, if your computer is doing things it shouldn’t do, don’t wait. Call the experts at Tekstop Computer Repair today at 928-583-4454.