Should I repair or replace my failing computer? TekStop Computer Repair offers these guidelines to help Prescott business owners know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em…to paraphrase the gambler.

A computer will not last forever. But in the meantime it’s not unreasonable to try to get the most out of your investment. Upgrades and repairs are only going to go so far, but in the simplest of terms, here are a couple of quick rules:

1 – If your computer is more than seven years old and the estimated repair cost is more than 25 percent of what you would spend on a new computer, buy a new computer.

2 – If your computer is three or four years old and the estimated repair cost is not more than 50 percent of what you would spend on a new computer, save your money and then follow Rule #1.

In the meantime there may be simple repairs, upgrades and fixes you or your local computer repair experts can perform to extend the life of your computer. The good news is that most software components provide free upgrades. Unfortunately, upgrading parts isn’t free so it’s important to know which parts are worth upgrading and which are not.

If RAM is the root cause of your slow computer, replacing it can definitely improve the performance. You can also speed up your computer by upgrading from a mechanical hard drive to an SSD (solid state drive). Don’t spend money to upgrade either the motherboard or the CPU because they usually require down the line upgrades – meaning you’ll probably need to upgrade everything else to remain compatible.

Generally, if you’ve determined that one component is responsible for the turtle-like pace of your computer, it’s probably worth replacing that component. Doing so is likely to extend your unit’s lifetime for a few more years. But, like your car, if one repair is required after another, it’s probably time for a trade-in.

If your computers are showing slow response times, unresponsiveness, or if the system randomly shuts down, it’s time to investigate. At TekStop Computer Repair, most services are completed in less than two hours, and next-day appointments are available. We will have your computer up and running in no time! Call the computer repair experts today at 928-583-4454 for an on-site repair at your Prescott business.