Could you imagine the devastation and damage to your business if all your online data was lost? Critical files and vital information that help your business run could be gone in a second. Whether it’s because the computer powered off before your could press the save button or a malicious hacker erased everything, TekStop Computer Repair recommends backing up your Prescott business’ information to the Cloud.

Automatic backup

Companies used to use tapes and spend a good deal of time to back up their computer files, but now the cloud can back up files automatically as long as there is an internet connection. So even if the power went out in your building, the last thing you were working on would be saved! Plus, you can access your data whenever and wherever you are.

Data protection

While your data may be lost in your business servers, the date can be recovered in the Cloud. The Cloud is also password protected and data encrypted providing a greater degree of security. You can trust the cloud to keep your information safe and keep your business your business.

Low cost investment

While you could spend thousands of dollars obtaining personal servers and a large security team to protect your online files, storage space on the Cloud can be obtained for a relatively low cost.

With a minimal investment and a convenient way to save your files, who wouldn’t want to back up their data to the Cloud? Keep it close and keep it safe. For more information on how the Cloud can help protect your Prescott business, or for any other computer needs, contact TekStop Computer Repair today at 928-583-4454.