There is almost nothing more frustrating than having a computer that has slowed down to a crawl! If you are experiencing computer issues at your Prescott business, the experts at TekStop Computer Repair want you to be aware of what services we can provide to eliminate your frustration.

Business Services to Speed Up Your Systems

Is your computer operating at a snail’s pace? Removing unnecessary files and start up programs frees up valuable memory (RAM) and improves your computer’s speed and boot-up time. We can also, if necessary, optimize your hard drive so you can access your computer programs and files even quicker.


TekStop Computer Repair can verify that all critical Windows security updates have been installed and, if not, install them as well as ensure that other important programs are secure and up to date. We can also review your firewall and Windows security settings to confirm that you are protected from malicious attacks. Besides reviewing and adjusting all of your settings and verifying software updates, we can recommend hardware upgrades such as RAM or a graphics card.


Viruses, malware and malicious software are a serious threat. The consequences are no longer simple disruptions but so severe that they can result in stolen identities, access to financial records, destruction all of your data, blackmail, holding your data for extortion, and can do irreversible damage to your computer. We are experts at finding and removing malware as well as implementing security measures to protect you from these menaces.

TekStop Computer Repair offers managed I.T. services to help keep your systems up and running by providing real time monitoring of your hardware and software. If your computer is sluggish, if you are thinking of upgrading your system, or if you just want peace of mind about your computer systems, call the experts at TekStop Computer Repair today at 928-583-4454.