As we noted in our last blog, the COVID-19 virus has changed the landscape of computer repair and maintenance for many people. For some, the impact to their lives and routines will be minimal. For others, the change has been profound. Therefore, we are offering remote computer service in Prescott Valley and Prescott.

Avoid visiting crowded shopping centers or having a technician come inside your home!

As we noted, computer problems can often be resolved through our expert phone support. However, some problems require access to your computer.

Remote App Services for Your Apple Or PC

When a phone service call will not take care of the problem, because a technician needs access to your computer, remote computer service will take care of almost any problem. TekStop can even install upgrades and software programs remotely.

With your authorization, our technician will connect ‘virtually’ to your computer in minutes.

Our tech will install remote software and use it to inspect and troubleshoot issues, perform maintenance, and make repairs, all in a very short time.

Computers have many components, including:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Network

Sometimes, it is difficult to diagnose the problem with your computer system.

Our technicians are some of the greatest troubleshooters you can find. And when they find the problem, they will fix it. We recognize how much you depend on computers both in your home and at your business. It can a real emergency when your computers have issues. We can take care of the problems remotely and quickly!

We can:

  • Troubleshoot and diagnose issues
  • Speed-up your computer
  • Clean up adware/spyware
  • Get rid of pop-ups
  • Install/update software
  • Resolve e-mail problems
  • Provide support to printers, scanners, etc.

Without you leaving your home or office, we can temporarily access your computer and quickly get your computer working properly with our remote computer service in Prescott Valley. Call the established computer experts you can trust. For a fair price, we can often take care of any issues and upgrades through phone or remote computer service. At TekStop, in Prescott, we are experts in dealing with all kinds of computer and network issues. Let the experts make things easy for you!

Call us at 928-583-4454.