Let’s face it: the COVID-19 virus has brought many changes into our lives. It makes sense to follow the guidelines healthcare experts recommend, which include “social distancing.”

How can someone fix my computer remotely without coming to my home or office or requiring me to take my computer to a repair shop?

TekStop, Prescott, offers two great alternatives for remote computer repair.

Phone Service for Both Apple and PC

Computer phone support is a very successful means of helping customers solve their Apple or PC problems.

In fact, expert computer phone support is vital to the success of:

  • Home computer systems
  • Business computer systems
  • The computers of all kinds of organizations

TekStop’s fast and friendly phone support will make managing your technology easy. Above all, our computer phone support technicians are equipped to help you with any situation. In other words, our techs are the best in the industry and have the knowledge and experience to talk you through and provide a solution for any computer crisis.

Remote Computer Service for Both Apple and PC

However, when phone service will not take care of the problem, because a technician needs access to your computer, remote service will take care of almost any repair problem. From our business location, we can securely access the computer in your home or business. Technology and security are available for us and proceed with any necessary diagnostics with your authorization.

TekStop’s remote computer repairs are designed especially for your convenience. Without you leaving your home or office, we can temporarily access your computer and quickly achieve remote repairs to get your computer working properly.

In conclusion, if you need help fixing a computer problem, established computer experts you can trust. TekStop offers technical support promptly and at a fair price. We can usually take care of any issues and upgrades through phone or remote service. At TekStop, in Prescott, we are experts in dealing with all kinds of computer and network issues and can make things easy for you!

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