If you have used computers for any length of time, you have likely seen an error log pop up. It sometimes happens when your system or an application shuts off improperly. TekStop Computer Repair offers an explanation for error logs on your Prescott computer system.

One of the first steps TekStop Computer Repair takes in diagnosing a problem with a computer is to look at the error logs. An error log is exactly what it sounds like. It is a log or diary of all the errors an application, operating system or server encounters in its operation.

Types of error logs

Error logs can be configured in different ways. Some are designed to capture nearly every event that happens in the system. These can be quite large and can help a technician understand what was happening in the system when the error took place. Others are limited to only the critical errors. These are errors the system cannot overcome, so it simply makes a note of it in the log and shuts down or restarts.

Some logs capture only the very basic information such as time and date and the error code or reason for the error. Others capture user input, system information, even a dump of the memory contents when the error occurred.

Their availability can vary also. Some logs are publicly available text files easily opened by anyone. Others are locked down and only available to those with the proper security rights.

Why they are useful

Error logs can help a technician get to the root of a problem by showing them the underlying errors that are leading to the problems ultimately reported by the user. They can even be used to proactively solve issues before the users even report them. Error logs can also reveal hacking attempts. Any attempts to compromise a system will inevitably result in some error codes that are captured in the logs. Additional information in the logs can then show how much progress the hackers made.

TekStop Computer Repair, on-site computer repair in Prescott, can help you understand your error logs. If you are having issues with your computer or network, call us at 928-583-4454.