You may have heard that the lifespan of a computer is three to five years. But the lifespan of your PC depends on many factors and cannot be easily quantified. TekStop Computer Repair offers guidance to Prescott businesses on what to expect and how to get the most out of your PC.

Why Do Computers Break?
A few of the biggest factors include the type of usage, quantity of usage, and level of security and protection. You may run programs that are CPU intensive which can affect the physical components of your computer as well as create conflicts in the programming. A significant factor in computer performance and lifespan is the security and protection you have when accessing the internet. It is likely that you have unknowingly downloaded malicious content onto your computer. This content negatively impacts the performance of your PC and requires special software to be removed. Additionally, there is non-malicious tracking software that is downloaded to your computer. If you browse many unique websites, the number of trackers can reduce your PC’s performance. Having proper protection on your PC before you begin browsing the web will help keep your computer running for a long time.

What Can You Do About It?
You have two options: you can either update your PC or replace it. Some cases may require you to replace your computer, such as a PC with an all-in-one design that makes upgrading very complicated. In most cases, you can simply upgrade. Here are a few of the most common upgrades:

Operating System
Updating your operating system can provide many security and performance enhancements.

Adding additional memory (or RAM) to your PC is the most efficient method of improving performance. The more memory your computer contains, the more data it can process.

Hard drive
Technology is quickly advancing, so you may be able to double your storage if your computer is several years old. Upgrading to a solid-state hard drive will have the bonus of increasing your PC performance because your computer can access the information faster.

Keeping your PC running fast and smoothly does not have to be a painful process. Regular maintenance and upgrades can keep your computer running for many years. If you have questions about PC upgrades and maintenance for computers at your Prescott business, call TekStop Computer Repair at 928-583-4454.