In today’s world, your computer network is the backbone of your business operations. That’s why having a reliable computer networking service provider is key to keeping your business up and running. TekStop provides end-to-end solutions for your network. This includes troubleshooting and upgrading existing networks as well as installing and maintaining brand new setups.

What does a Computer Network do?

Your computer network handles communications between your computers, the internet, and other devices such as printers, credit card machines, and more. A computer network may be very simple and include only a couple pieces of hardware. More complex networks may require many pieces of hardware to operate properly.

In addition to the hardware involved, a computer network largely depends on a proper configuration to work correctly. Both the hardware and software configuration can make a big difference in how well your network performs.

That’s where a professional computer networking service provider comes into play.

What does a Computer Networking Service Provider do for me?

At TekStop, we bring years of expertise into your office and home to design and implement a well-oiled computer network. While some of our recommendations are standard, we take into account the unique needs of each client. Network hardware is designed to accommodate different speeds and number of devices. Additionally, you may need specific features that are only offered on certain devices.

Beyond installing and configuring your network, we offer monitoring and maintenance services to keep you up and running no matter what happens. With OneStop Network, you don’t have to worry about staying online. We are notified immediately if a piece of network equipment cannot communicate with the internet. We also include LTE failover in case your primary internet provider goes offline.

Optimize your Computer Network today!

If your network is performing poorly or you need a new network installed, call the networking experts at TekStop today. We will asses your setup and design an optimal configuration to meet your needs. We understand that being offline is not an option in today’s business world. So partner with us and have peace of mind today.