Clean Computer – Why It Matters

Learning how to keep a clean computer might seem like a trivial matter. However, keeping your computer free of dust bunnies can actually extend its life!

Dust buildup makes the computer run hotter inside. Over time, excess heat can cause different parts to fail. By keeping your computer dust-free, it will last longer.

Clean Computer – Desktop

To clean your desktop computer, you will need some compressed air. If you don’t have an air compressor to use, you can buy cans of compressed air at your local office supply or electronics store. A single can usually lasts through several cleanings.

To begin, open up your computer by removing the left side panel.* Most computers have two screws holding it on – simply unscrew these and slide the panel off. You should see the internal parts of your computer such as fans, hard drives, and the motherboard.

Now that your computer is opened up, use the compressed air to blow out any dust. Pay special attention to fans and heatsinks, like the ones shown in the picture above. These capture a lot of dust and will need to be cleaned more than other parts. Look for any crevices and vents where dust can hide. Keep using the compressed air until you don’t see anymore dust.

Before blowing off the fans, hold it still with one finger. This will help prevent breaking off any of the plastic fins.

Once you have finished blowing out all of the dust, replace the side panel and screws.

*On some computers, you will need to remove the right side panel. Usually, the correct panel is on the opposite side of your USB ports on the back of your computer.

Clean Computer – Laptop

Keeping your laptop dust free is a bit simpler. You will still use compressed air, but you don’t have to open the computer. Laptops will have at least one or two vents. Using your compress air, blow into these vents. Alternating from one vent to another can help break loose dirt. Once no more dust comes out, you have a clean computer!

Clean Computer – Conclusion

Keeping a clean computer will help the parts to last longer. Depending on your environment, you may want to clean your computer every month or two.

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