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What does the Internet Explorer End of Life mean for you?

Internet Explorer has been slated for its end of life since 2021. But until now you have been able to use it without a problem. On June 15th, Microsoft began pushing an update to Windows PCs that will permanently disable Internet Explorer. What does this mean for you? Use Edge after Internet Explorer End of

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Options to Upgrade to Windows 10 Before Windows 7 End of Life

Windows 7 End of Life is coming soon. TekStop Computer Repair shares options for upgrading to an operating system that will work for your Prescott business or home computer. When Windows 7 ends, Microsoft will no longer provide security patches or fix bugs. An upgrade to Windows 10 or another operating system will be necessary in

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PCI Compliance for your Prescott business when Windows 7 ends

Is your business PCI Compliant? Credit card security has become a serious issue. Companies are required to follow specific rules and regulations to handle customers’ sensitive information safely. However, technology is rapidly evolving, so the ways data can be stolen is increasing. This means the rules change regularly to adapt. The recent announcement that support

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TekStop Computer Repair, IT Solution Provider in Prescott, Shares Windows 10 Shortcuts – Part 2

We previously shared some shortcuts to help our Prescott customers navigate Windows 10. At TekStop Computer Repair, our goal is to help enhance your user experience, and there are a number of shortcuts that can make your computer use easier and less stressful. Here are a few additional Windows shortcuts that will save you

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Windows 10 Shortcuts – Part 1

Windows 10 Shortcuts – Part 1 Changing to a new version of Windows can be stressful. But learning a few simple Windows 10 shortcuts can make your experience a lot easier! This article will teach you some simple shortcuts for navigating Windows 10 and getting work done. If you have any questions, be sure

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