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What is iCloud? TekStop I.T. Services Talks About “The Cloud”

iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage product. It allows you to store data online such as photos, passwords, documents, and more. If you own an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you most likely already have an account. It comes free with your Apple ID. Where is my data? As we discussed previously, the “cloud” refers to

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Firewalls and why you need them for your business’s computer system

If you are an internet user, especially in a corporate setting, you have probably heard the term “firewall.” The computers in large corporations generally can’t “go past the firewall” to access websites that are not work-related. TekStop Computer Repair discusses firewalls and why you need them for your Prescott business’s computer system. A firewall

What Is The Cloud?

“But the sky is clear today!” You sigh after your co-worker, once again, tells you to just put your files on the cloud. What is this mysterious “cloud” anyway? How do you get to it? Do I have to wait for it to rain before I can get my files back? Continue reading to find

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