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Computer Repair Versus Replace

How do I know? TekStop in Prescott Discusses the Options To get the most out of your investment, you certainly want to stretch your computer’s life out as long as possible. But no computer lasts forever. TekStop in Prescott weighs in on computer repair versus replacement. Here are a couple of things to consider:

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Tips for Organizing the Computer at your Prescott Business

How organized are you? Your clothes closet may be arranged according to color, and the items in your pantry may be in alphabetical order. But how organized are you when you sit down in front of your computer? TekStop Computer Repair shares some tips on getting organized with Windows 10 at your Prescott business. Windows 10’s

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Windows 7 end of life and HIPAA compliance for your medical practice

Microsoft has publicly stated that it will end service for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. The upshot of this change is that healthcare organizations that rely on Windows 7 to run their businesses will need to migrate to Windows 10. This is required in order to maintain the security of the sensitive health care data

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Function keys on your computer keyboard explained

If you’re like most people, you use the letter and number keys on your computer almost exclusively. So what are those F1 through F12 keys on the top row? TekStop Computer Repair explains the function of the Function keys on the computers at your home or business. What are Function keys? The F-keys on your computer

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Error logs explained

If you have used computers for any length of time, you have likely seen an error log pop up. It sometimes happens when your system or an application shuts off improperly. TekStop Computer Repair offers an explanation for error logs on your Prescott computer system. One of the first steps TekStop Computer Repair takes

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An overview for home computer users and businesses about Windows 7 End of Life

Nothing lasts forever, and computer operating systems are no exception to the rule. Every Windows operating system has a beginning and an end date when the product is no longer supported by Microsoft. TekStop Computer Repair offers an overview of the Windows 7 End of Life for businesses and home computer users in Prescott.

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Firewalls and why you need them for your business’s computer system

If you are an internet user, especially in a corporate setting, you have probably heard the term “firewall.” The computers in large corporations generally can’t “go past the firewall” to access websites that are not work-related. TekStop Computer Repair discusses firewalls and why you need them for your Prescott business’s computer system. A firewall

TekStop Computer Repair discusses staying current with technology at your Prescott business

Technology plays a huge role in determining the success of modern businesses. If you think about it, everyone has to be connected because our banking, calendars, and communication are all electronic. Keeping up with the latest technology will help you keep your customers. TekStop Computer Repair wants to help your Prescott business stay current

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