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Computer Repair in Chino Valley

TekStop offers premium I.T. solutions and computer repair in Chino Valley and the surrounding areas. If you need to speed up your computer, remove nasty software and viruses, or need other tech support services, we have you covered. Call us today to schedule a service call for your I.T. systems in Chino Valley at

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5 Things You Need to Know About Upgrading to Windows 11

Despite Microsoft previously stating that Windows 10 was the last version of Windows, Microsoft recently announced that Windows 11 is coming later this year. Previous releases of Windows meant big changes for your home and business computers. Should you be concerned about upgrading to Windows 11? Here are 5 things we think you should

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3 Benefits to On-Site Computer Repair

TekStop offers on-site computer repair and other I.T. services in the quad cities area. Our services include computer repair, network troubleshooting and installation, new computer sales and service, virus removals, data backup, and much more. On-site services make getting computer support easy. In this article, we outline 3 benefits to on-site repair. 1. On-Site

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3 Easy Steps to Migrate Off Cableone/Sparklight Email

It’s true, Sparklight (formerly Cableone) is planning to discontinue their email service by the end of 2021. But don’t panic, we have 3 easy steps to migrate you to a new email service. So what now? It may seem like an overwhelming task, to move from one email platform to another. But, there is

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Computer Repair Near You

Are you looking for the best computer repair shop near you? We offer many different services for the quad-cities area of northern Arizona. Services include managed IT services, computer service, and computer networking. We focus on designing solutions to help solve problems now and prevent computer issues in the future. Our computer repair solutions

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Computer Security in Prescott Valley, Arizona

Computer security is important for your home and business in Prescott Valley. You rely on technology every day and we want to help you stay secure in the age of the internet. Follow these simple tips to aid in your computer’s security. If you have any questions, call your Prescott Valley computer repair experts

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Computer Repair in Prescott Valley, AZ

If you’re looking for the best computer repair service in Prescott Valley, you’ve come to the right place. TekStop is proud to offer services in Prescott Valley and the surrounding areas. We focus on proactive solutions to help you keep technology out of your way so you can enjoy its benefits. Give us a

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Remote Computer Service in Prescott Valley

As we noted in our last blog, the COVID-19 virus has changed the landscape of computer repair and maintenance for many people. For some, the impact to their lives and routines will be minimal. For others, the change has been profound. Therefore, we are offering remote computer service in Prescott Valley and Prescott. Avoid

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